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Residential Gas burning pizza ovens

Our Gas-burning oven is based on the traditional Italian style pizza oven, but with many more features and advantages over its wood-burning counterpart; and still delivers all the authenticity of the original style oven.


This easy to use, easy to install oven, is relatively light and extremely quick to heat, as it utilizes a high pressure gas system which allows you to be in perfect control, for even the most sophisticated cooking which you may desire.


We manufacture our gas-burning oven to stringent specifications from a high quality stainless steel that ensures long life and durability.  These ovens are manufactured from the best quality refractories and volcanic rock which are also used for our wood-burning ovens.



  • Quick heating (15 min.)

  • Instant temperature control

  • No mess (eliminates piles of wood)

  • Easy operation and control (large front opening)

  • Retains all the authenticity of a wood burning oven

  • Economical

  • Healthy, natural cooking method (does not dry food)

  • Portable and easy to move

  • Does not require expensive chimney systems ( can be used inside without a chimney)

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